I'm Jayden Elishaw

(aka BluJay131)

About Me

Hi there, thanks for checking out my website! My name is Jayden and I'm pretty much everywhere in the tech space dabbling in game development, audio production, robotics, artificial intelligence, social media presence, and many other topics.

Thanks for following my journey!


My Portfolio Website

A highly responsive website to detail and index my work, with an intuitive user interface.


An automatic fire suppression system using openCV and yolov5 for AI detection, powered by a Raspberry PI.

Twitch chat controlled lights

A cost effective way to control LED strips via twitch chat, for small and mediums sized streamers.

Reddit Dreamy

An automatic upload script for elebumm's Reddit Video Maker Bot (without YT API).

BluJay131 Music

Just a proof of concept side project (for fun mostly) to get my foot in the door of audio production and social media presence. Enjoy!

New Content coming soon